5 Tips for Buying a Good Workout DVD That Doesn’t Totally Suck for You

good workout DVDs

With so many workout DVDs on the market, it's easy to occasionally get hoodwinked by one or two. You think a dance workout will be totally fun and easy, yet the moves are so complicated it would take you years to master. Or you go to do a simple yoga DVD and end up needing everything but the kitchen …
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What’s Your Most Red Carpet-Ready Feature?

charlize theron

I might be the sporty tomboy type a good bit of the time, but good grief, do I love watching red carpet arrivals at big award shows. I love picking my best and worst dressed of the evening (from the comfort of my couch, where I'm very likely wearing yoga pants and a tank top, but whatever—the TV …
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Egg Beaters Recipe: Banana Walnut Pancakes

egg beaters pancakes

The following is a post sponsored by Egg Beaters. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Whether it's a leisurely breakfast on a Saturday morning or brinner on a weeknight, it's hard not to love pancakes. And this recipe for light, fluffy and sweet Banana Walnut Pancakes is so delicious …
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iRenew Bracelets: You’ve Seen Them on TV, But Do They Work?

irenew bracelets

Whenever you see something—like the iRenew Wellness bracelet—on TV, you have to wonder: Does it really work? I mean, it seems silly that wearing a bracelet could actually make you stronger, faster, more balanced and energetic. But that's what all the infomercials say it does. Oh, and then there's …
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Why Day One Is Always the Hardest, But Also the Most Neccessary

first day working out

  The first day back in the gym after a hiatus—or what I like to call "Day One"—has been my worst fear ever since I first heard my foot surgeon say "No exercise until healed." That was a month ago. In that month I sat, and hobbled and sat some more. I ate well, but did engage in some naughty …
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