Winning a Date with Bob Harper

Of course Jillian made it to the party! She was super excited about some new projects she has coming out. Be on the lookout!

Okay, so maybe I didn't win a date with Bob Harper, but I did get the opportunity to attend his dope-a-licious party he threw in L.A. to celebrate making it on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine (yes, THIS party!). Meeting that fella in person is one of my (and FBG Jenn's!) greater FBG moments for …
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Want More FBG? We Have a Free Android App for That!

android app

Online classes? Twitter workouts? Virtual weight-loss programs? And now an Android app? FBG is going all 2012 on you! Over the past year or so we've gotten quite a few requests to create a Fit Bottomed Girls' app, and now it's finally happened. We'll confess, it's nothing insanely new or …
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Now This is How to Stay Hydrated During a Workout…

stay hydrated

I drink a lot of water each day. And while my usual Nalgene fits the bill for staying hydrated, when I'm working out, driving or feeling particularly clumsy, it's hard to drink out of something with such a wide mouth without spilling water all over yourself. Tell me I'm not alone here. Lately, …
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★FitStars: Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin

The Summer Olympic Games may be months away, but we're already getting jazzed. And to quench our thirst for all things Olympics, we recently jumped at the opportunity to interview Olympic gold medalist swimmer Natalie Coughlin, as she's a spokesperson for the California Dried Plum Board. With …
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Getting Juiced, Jamba Juiced That Is: Part One

jamba juice

While I like to consider myself a pro at making smoothies at home, being able to buy something natural when out and about is a good thing. And in the case of Jamba Juice, it's a really tasty thing. (Not to mention they have wheat grass!) So when Jamba offered to send Tish and I to its …
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