FitLinks: Fun Salad Ideas, the Best Workouts You Aren’t Doing & More!

Happy links and happy feet! Credit: stevendepolo

Kick up your feet and get happy with these FitLinks!

Sick of salads? Spice them up with these suggestions! —Green Lemonade

It’s like a wine or beer club but with healthy goodies. Love! —Klutch Club

The best workouts you aren’t doing. —Shape magazine

Because we can all use a little extra motivation now and again. —Poosh

Grab a chair. It’s time to get strong. —Prevention magazine

Just in case you’re obsessed with Smash. Like we are. —Self magazine

This ish just keeps getting nuttier. —Diets in Review

Help your heart with some yoga. —That’s Fit

Say goodbye to shoelaces that won’t stay tied! —FitSugar

Now smell this! —The Fit Stop

Boost your body image with these moves!  —YouBeauty

Read anything that made you happy this week? Share, pretty please! —Jenn


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