The Latest on Mamas: Fido Fitness Tips, What Real Post-Baby Weight-Loss Looks Like & More!

pet fitness

Fit Bottomed Mamas has outdone itself lately. Whether you're interested in a new healthy snack, pet fitness tips or what a real woman looks like after having a baby (not those dramatic celeb stories), check these links out! Erin's birth story! (And an awesome reference to "Charlie Bit My …
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What To Do When Back Pain Throws a Wrench In Your Workout

Simple moves like lunges can strengthen muscles and prevent back pain. Credit: lululemon athletica

There's nothing like a little back pain to throw a total wrench into your workout plan. And I don't know how many times I've heard people forgo different exercises because they don't want to "throw their back out." While people suffer from and talk about back pain a lot, there doesn't seem to be a …
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Our Top 10 Podcasts to Move and Groove To

healthy podcasts

I've always found the easiest way to stay motivated to push through your workout is to get your motivation WHILE you work out. Reading a magazine article or an inspirational Facebook quote before you hit the gym is great, but when you are in the thick of a workout or faced with a tempting slice of …
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The Ultimate Hips, Bum and Thigh Workout by Amanda Russell


A couple of months ago, we stumbled upon Amanda Russell, an Olympic-trained athlete, celebrity fitness expert, model, founder of The AR Program, and Google’s "Next Top Fitness Personality in 2012." We immediately loved her can-do attitude and her YouTube channel, which is full of awesome free …
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Roasted Veggies on Crusty Bread: Now THIS Is the Way to Get Your Veggies

roasted veggies on bread

I'm often asked about meals my husband and I can share, since he eats meat and I do not. Truthfully, we have tons of meals we both enjoy, but many of them come with modifications—cooking some chicken on the side, for example, or sautéing my tofu in a separate pan from his ground beef. This …
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Biggest Loser 13 Episode 12: Supermarket Sweep and Getting Zumba-licious

the biggest loser

*SPOILER ALERT* This Biggest Loser 13 recap reveals details from last night’s episode. So if you don’t want to know the dramatic details and who was voted off of Biggest Loser 2012, click away, my friend, click away! The Biggest Loser is on a roll! Last night's episode was super enjoyable. There …
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A Foldable Fitness Trampoline So You Can Bounce Here, There and Everywhere!

fitness trampoline

There's just something about jumping on a trampoline. It makes you feel like a kid again, alive and bouncing and happy. So when JumpSport asked if we wanted to try its new foldable Fitness Trampoline, I—wait for it—jumped at the idea. Turns out, I wasn't the only one digging on the idea. Both my …
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