Clif Shot Bloks: A Chewy Review(-y)


If you want to get a group of runners or triathletes into a heated debate, just start talking nutrition. You don't even have to bring out the big guns, like how many calories one should eat or whether chocolate milk is an appropriate (and delicious) recovery drink. Asking about two simple, specific …
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What Foods Do You Crave the Most?


I recently had my willpower seriously tested when a box of these ended up at FBG HQ. It surprised me because as much as I do enjoy salty snacks now and again, most of the time it's the sweets that really get me. Nine times out of 10, if I have a hankering for something, that something has sugar—and …
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The Latest on Mamas: Healthy Burger Ideas, Working Out for Donuts & More!


Before you fire up the grill for the family on this beautiful spring weekend, set your sights on these great reads from Fit Bottomed Mamas! Erin's post-baby belly progress, part deux! Now this is an unusual—yet awesome!—workout motivator. Bored with burgers? Spice them up healthfully with …
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Workout DVD Review: Kickboxing Cardio Power (With Giveaway!)


I have a new favorite workout DVD instructor, and his name is Sensei Guillermo Gomez. Despite the fact that his accent is oh-so-sexy and fun (which we've noted before), Guillermo is just a loveable guy who packs a serious punch in his new Kickboxing Cardio Power workout DVD. (Get it "punch"? 'Cause …
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Kristen’s 3 Favorite Healthy Foods


We’re hungry! And talking about food for this round of Question of the Week, which asks each FBG, “What are your three favorite healthy foods?” Tough one… When I first got this assignment, I texted my husband—I was curious to see what he would come up with as my favorite healthy foods. His …
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The Tabata Protocol: The Workout You’re Not Doing, But Should


The Tabata Protocol has been said to be the best extreme aerobic cardio workout ever to be created. Developed in 1996, the Tabata Protocol was born when Izumi Tabata, with the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, Japan, sought to find out how moderate- and high-intensity exercise …
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Finding a Lifelong Love

I ran a 5K at a golf course a couple of weeks ago, and when I walked inside to grab my post-race $1 beer (hey, if that's not incentive to hurry across the finish line, what is?), I was surprised to see one of the girls I used to coach serving the drinks. When I was her club volleyball coach, she was …
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A Yin Yang Fusion Workout to Try (& 5 DVD Giveaway!)

jessica smith

Some say that "a girl can never have too many shoes," and while that is true, we prefer the phrase, "a girl can never have too many workout moves." Which is why we're psyched to share this video clip today! The amazingly talented Jessica Smith and Sensei Guillermo Gomez (remember them from this …
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