Trading in My Jazz Hands for Callused Ones

Jerry Seinfeld's "Man Hand" is in full effect!

Callused hands…I throw a fit when I get to the part of my strength workout when it’s dead-lift time because I know some skin is gonna tear. I get an attitude, actually. Call me girly, but I like having soft hands, dammit. I see nothing wrong with that. I’m a tall, gargantuan woman—people have referred to me in the past as a boybian, tomboy, straight-up dude, so I hold on to the little girly things I do have. And now my lovely girl hands are being taken away from me.

I have callused hands, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I wear the gloves my boyfriend gave to me for my birthday (yes, we’re weird like that), but it doesn’t matter. My hands are still getting rough and tough. I already gave up pedicures and toe-primping for my running. But giving up my pretty jazz-hand pride? That has been a bit more difficult.

I love working out. I realize most people are proud of what a good workout does to their body—and I do enjoy the positive perks of a good sweat or some heavy weight-lifting. But calluses and blisters as a badge of hard-core honor? I just don’t really jump over the moon for it. Call me crazy, but I don’t like that kind of pain…or the eyesores!

What about you? Do you have any vain reasons that cause you to grumble just a tiny bit over your workouts? —Tish

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  1. I completely understand! I am taking a rock climbing class, and my hands are getting all sorts of callused. But on the other hand, and despite my fear of heights, I’m reaching new climbing goals. So yeah, I agree that calluses can be a little bittersweet…

  2. Hey girl, I do CrossFit and my hands literally get rips after some workouts. A friend of mine has developed a cream that treats the tears, and then if you use a heel shaver (I know, gross) on the calluses, you’ll be nice and smooth again! The cream is Winnie’s Miracle Cream. ( Oh, and try alternating grip on your dead lifts, it might keep the rub to a minimum!

  3. I crossfit and you don’t really know about my calluses as I take care of ’em! What you do is get one of those Ped-Eggs (yeah, like what you take the rough skin off your heels with!) and rub it across the calluses of your hand after a shower (so the skin is softer & easier to work with) lightly then moisturize. I CF five times a week, so I use the Ped-Egg twice a week & moisturize like crazy … you should feel the hands of our box’s trainer — really nice! he’s the one that got me started with the ped-egg & he uses Corn Husker’s lotion (I use an organic hand cream) … you’ll have baby smooth hands in no time & won’t risk rips!!

  4. I am with you girl! I so laughed with this post because it is like you are a sister from another mother. I am tall too (6’1″) and have been called everything from tomboy to amazon (oh, that term really makes me cringe). I have given up on pedicures too because of running. No sense in wasting that money. Instead I got me a home pedicure mini spa so I can at least pretend I am getting one.

  5. What am I doing wrong…I have calluses, but my skin doesn’t tear. Do I just need to lift more?

  6. You all rock lol! Love the suggestions AND the fact that treating them helps to prevent future rips. Helps me feel less like a princess and more like someone with valid rippage concerns. (Yes, I made that word up.)

  7. Chalk also really helps for DL’s, and I second the alternating grip. I have callouses from lifting, but since i take pretty good care of em, they’re more like little pads rather than big crusty uglies. 🙂