When the Best of Earth-Friendly Intentions Go Awry


I’ve always been fairly environmentally conscious. I recycle as much as I can. I try to walk to run errands whenever possible. I conserve electricity and gas to help both the earth and my budget. And when my daughter arrived, I had the best of intentions to cloth diaper. I really did.

As you might have guessed, it didn’t work out. I totally blame my husband. He was against it and quite vocal about his opposition even as I plowed ahead, buying cloth diapers and wipes. He was more concerned about adding to my laundry workload than saving the environment; he didn’t think I’d have the time, energy or desire to do extra loads of laundry. I used the cloth diapers for a couple of months—while my husband faithfully used disposables—until my daughter outgrew the sizes I had. Then, I just didn’t buy the next size. And so my short affair with cloth diapering ended.

Read on for more on my cloth-diapering fail and how I swear I’m making up for my environmental misdeeds.Erin


  1. ashley says

    next time buy the “one size” cloth diapers, they fit from newborn to toddler. thats the kind we use and i absolutely Love them,
    i will Never use disposables again. here is the website i got them from, http://www.cottonbabies.com and we use the Econobum ones…also, we’ve never had a problem with leaking either.

  2. D says

    Didn’t they have a diaper service by you? They are usually about 25 bucks a week and they come and pick up the soiled ones and drop off the clean.

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