What Gets You Through?


Motivation fascinates me. It's always astounded me how the right words from the right person at just the right time can take me to a completely new level. I can run faster, push harder, hold that pose a few seconds longer. I can just do better. Of course, it totally works the other way, too. I …
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Make This Now: Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

sweet potatoes fries recipe

The following Sweet Potato Fries recipe is sponsored by Egg Beaters. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Fries are one delicious thing. But sweet potato fries? And a recipe for them that is actually good for you? Well, color us thrilled. Not actually fried at all, this Sweet Potato …
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Listening to My Inner Pacer

We're everywhere now! LA Fit Bottomed Girl

It's been a long time since I've "zoned" out on a run and used the time to think, focus and clear the air. Part of the reason for that is that my lungs are out of shape. I ask myself at the start of every run: How on earth was I ever able to run a marathon?! That seems like three lifetimes ago! I …
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The Joy of Pre-Cooked Whole Grains: Fiesta Chicken with Red Quinoa & Brown Rice Recipe


Remember those New Year's goals we all had? Well, one of mine was to incorporate some quinoa and barley into my repertoire of meals—and, golly jeez, if the folks at Village Harvest had the perfect timing! They were kind enough to send me a couple of their fiber-rific foods to try out: Red Quinoa …
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Checking out a Rykä Event and the New ‘Desire’ Running Shoe


This post is written by our NYC contributing writer Margo Donohue, who’s a fitness professional and blogger at Brooklyn Fit Chick. Since Margo lives in the Big Apple, she’ll be helping us cover events every now and again—just like this recent Rykä event! If you have ever wondered what it would be …
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