Do You Love Summer Workouts?

summer workouts

We're in the full throes of summer now, ladies! There are tropical storms causing a ruckus, massive heat waves, mosquitoes everywhere, sandals causing foot pain, and I am personally getting used to going for a run at 8 a.m. and coming home, looking as though I went for a dip in the community pool …
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Sick of Plain Ol’ Hummus? Here Are a Bunch of New Flavor Flaves


The day that I got six containers of Tribe Hummus in the mail, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. How on earth would my family go through six containers of hummus? But as our tummies would have it, my family and I easily devoured all of the Tribe Hummus well before its expiration date! It helped …
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3 Biggest Workout Mistakes and How to Fix Them


I may be slightly biased because I do these kinds of workouts regularly, but over the last year or so, it seems that the new workout trend is to go hard. Whether it's plyometrics, kettlebell training or high-intensity interval training, the point is to take your fitness to another level by pushing …
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6 Athletic Swimsuits You Will Actually Want to Show Off


It's hard enough to look confident in that one special bathing suit that you devote multiple shopping trips to picking out, let alone a sports swimsuit you got stuck with as an only option. Let's be honest, a one-piece sports swimsuit made for laps around the pool, or worse, staying put while …
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Giving Gumby a Run for his Money with Donna Flagg’s Lastics DVD

Stretch it out. Credit: lululemon athletica

I’m not the biggest person on stretching—gasp! How can that be true? It’s not that I don’t believe stretching is important, but when I only have an hour to get in and out of the gym, I’d rather spend my time doing one last lift than seeing how far I can stretch. With that said, I always know when …
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If You Need Me, I’ll Be Over Here, Watching the Olympics

Like everyone else with a functioning brain and access to the outside world, I've been aware of the impending Olympics for quite some time. And I've been excited about it—I've always, always loved the Olympics, and that hasn't changed with time. But I guess I was sort of passively excited (is that a …
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Sippin’ on Summer: Tazo’s Iced Green, Black and Passion Tea (with Giveaway!)


Here's my definition of summer: flip flops, cut-offs, bikini top, chemical-free sunscreen and a glass of iced tea. To me, this is summery perfection. But, I'll be honest, making a big vat of iced tea can be tasty—for the first five glasses or so—and then you kind of need something to spice things …
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