Ready to Run: 3 New Brooks Running Pieces for Summer


Yesterday, I shared deets from my amazing time in New York City where I learned all about Brooks Running, and today I'm reviewing a few pieces that I've gotten the chance to test out. Remember, even though we are a Brooks Running Blog Ambassador, this is not a sponsored post, so this is our …
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How Wrong Is It To Laugh at the Soreness of Others?

feet toes

So as a part of the new gym-member experience, my husband and I both received free fit assessments. The assessment hits all of the key fitness criteria: strength, cardio, flexibility, and you also get weighed and have your body fat measured. All good things to know at the start of a fitness journey, …
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Say Goodbye to Mosquito Bites


This time of year I usually have at least a few mosquito bites on my legs, arms and feet. Heck, last week, I even had a mosquito bite on the inside of my belly button. What kind of a skeeter bites people there?! A mean one, apparently. Seeing that I'm not a fan of chemicals and all, I generally stay …
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Ellie Krieger Dishes on Healthy Snack Ideas and How to Learn to Love Cooking

healthy snack ideas

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that we had an interview with Ellie Krieger. Well, today we're sharing it with you in super-cool video format! Woot woot! Ellie is one of our all-time favorite healthy chefs. She's smart, down to earth, realistic (in that she knows we all don't have the time or …
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A Trip to NYC: Brooks Running, I Love You

Had to do a group shot before heading out to the airport!

So less than a week after working out with Bob, I got to do another awesome thing: fly to New York City to learn more about Brooks Running and hang out with its amazing designers. (Note: FBG is an official Brooks Running Blog Ambassador and while they paid for the trip and are compensating us for …
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Win a Free Month to Bob Harper’s Online Fitness Club!

bob harper online training

So, by now, I'm guessing that you're hip to the jive that it's Bob Harper Week, right? Well, today is—sad face—the final day of our official Bob fest. (Although ya'll know we'll keep our Bob love affair going...) And we wanted to end it on a high note—and a note that leaves you with some Bob …
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Our Love for Bob Over the Years: A (Hilarious) Timeline


If you search the site for "Bob Harper," you'll come up with a whopping 13 pages of posts. Meaning, that every year, we end up gushing over Bob in one way or another in an average of  30 posts a year. Hmmm...I knew we were obsessed, but that's pretty crazy. Since it is Bob Harper Week and all—and, …
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