Living the Cultured Food Life (Which Is Way More Tasty Than It Sounds)

cultured food life

Gather 'round FBGs! Today we want to talk about cultured food. Yes, "cultured food" may sound like the result of a science experiment or, worse yet, something grown inside that unmarked food container in the back of your fridge that at one time was edible leftovers. But cultured foods really aren't …
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Protect Your Skin Like an Olympian: COOLA Suncare Review


I like finding that I have things in common with an Olympian I admire. I like learning about their workouts and meal plans and trying to emulate them, and I love hearing that they have some of the same hobbies I have. I really, really like when they use a product that's totally accessible to me. And …
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Getting Creative and Intuitive With My Workouts at Home

home workout

It's funny, right as my love of CrossFit-inspired workouts was seemingly coming to a head—surviving this event, visiting Reebok CrossFit HQ and working out with Bob—my workout plans have since changed, kind of dramatically. I blogged over on Fit Bottomed Mamas about why, but since changing up my …
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Are You Eating Enough Good Fats? A Buttery Review of Melt Organic Spread

melt organic spread

For years, we've been trained to stay away from fat for our health. After all, you'd think that eating fat makes you fat (I still hate that word as a descriptor...). But the nutrition and health community has finally learned through research that that simply isn't true. In fact, the right kinds of …
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6 Moves for a Kitchen Workout While You Cook

kitchen exercises

You know the saying "if you can't take the heat get the heck out of the kitchen?" Well, we'd like to change that to "if you can't find time to work out, do it in the kitchen." Because, when I’m busy, I know that exercise can feel like it’s the unnecessary item on my to-do list that can be skipped. …
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Getting You Pumped for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

The men's swimming events start tomorrow! We can't wait...

We are blogging on behalf of the Visa Go World Olympic Campaign and receive compensation for our time, but the thoughts, words, and promotions on this page are FBG’s, not Visa’s. The gift card promotion is not sponsored by Visa in any way.  We are just hours—hours, people—away from the London …
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What’s on Kristen’s Fitness Bucket List?

This half marathon finish line picture means I can cross at least one of these off my list!

We’re talking fitness bucket lists—you know, the stuff we want to do before we die—for this edition of Question of the Week! Yeah, it's a little morbid, but it's fun to share the stuff we really, really want to do! I love lists. I think I might've mentioned that a time or two. But, it's true, and …
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