6 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimsuit


Have you ever felt happy and free on the beach? Where you could simply stand there—half-naked in your swimsuit—and feel not only comfortable but also confident? Where every time you move, you weren't trying to cover up your "problem areas" or sucking your stomach in? Or, worst of all, you weren't …
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Review: The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet Book


Back in graduate school, I did a whole project on the subject of calorie density. Okay, I know that sounds kind of scientific and really boring, but I swear, it was cool. And, you know, my project was kind of awesome—at least I thought so. The whole idea about it is that some foods have more …
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Tebowed With A Side of FRS

Me, Tebow and Mark post awesome workout
Credit By: Jordan Strauss/Invision for FRS/AP Images

Last year, when Jenn and I attended the Dole event we were hipped to the quercetin game and after that I could think of nothing else. The Dole scientists had mentioned that FRS was chock-full of the good q-stuff, so when FRS actually sent me a bunch of samples to try and then an invitation to come …
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Running Tips for All: Learn to Love Running, Get Faster & Stay Motivated


The following is a post sponsored by Brooks Running. For our sponsored post policy, click here. You know how we're working with Brooks Running these days and are getting to try and review all of their amazing gear? Well, in addition to all that funness (that should so be a real word), as blog …
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Calling All Cyclists and Triathletes! We Have a Twitter Chat for You!


The following is a post sponsored by Rotary International. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Do you love to cycle? Participate in triathlons or other endurance events? Want to get into biking or doing tris? Well, boy, oh, boy, do we have the Tweet chat for you! Next Tuesday night, …
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Head-to-Head Taste-Off: Luna Fiber vs. ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple


Today's head-to-head taste-off pits the new Luna Fiber bars against Perfectly Simply by ZonePerfect. They both have their pros, their cons...but one will be determined the winner! Luna Fiber Bars We have a long history of loving on Luna. And we've even given their protein bars a Noshie before, so …
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