3 Softball Exercises to Win Your Summer League (Or Just Look Good in the Uniform)

softball exercises

These softball exercises will get you ready for the field—or that tank top. Credit: permanently scatterbrained

Baseball and softball season is in full swing. And whether you’re playing in a competitive softball league, on the roster in a beer league or simply enjoy watching the MLB from your couch (um, that would be me—my catching skills aren’t the best), we wanted to share the following baseball-inspired exercises from the American Council on Exercise (ACE)!

3 Softball Exercises to Tone Your Arms

With these softball exercises, you can enjoy America’s favorite pastime off the field! Whether you’re looking to pitch your first perfect game or just want to strike out arm jiggle for tank-top season, the ACE’s Director of Professional Education, Anthony Wall, recommends the following three exercises.


  1. Kenzie says

    On the 3 exercises, it doesn’t tell you how to do it. which I need to know how to do it to help my team with their throwing arms so we can have a good season.

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