Who’s on Kristen’s Health Professional Wish List?

A few weeks back, one of our fave bloggers Peanut Butter Fingers posed a really good question: If you could have any sort of personal health professional, who would you choose? Since last month we talked fitness bucket lists for our Question of the Week, this time, we decided to tackle this slightly …
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A Quick Labor Day Workout and Tricks to Eat Healthy at Any BBQ


Labor Day weekend is almost here, and we are simply filled with glee for the three-day weekend of barbecues, boats and beer. While we will be having a fab holiday, we will be doing everything in moderation (except sunscreen—you can never do too much of that!), listening to our hunger and moving our …
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Tri Training and Intuitive Eating: I’m FAILING

I'm back on an official training program for some upcoming races (a 10k in October and an Olympic tri in November, and probably some sprint triathlons and 5Ks in between), and I've been going hard. There have been a lot of two-a-days (which, by the way, is so much easier when you get up early and …
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Gettin’ a Booty Makeover With Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift


Good Morning Class! This morning in Fit Bottomed 101, we will be conducting an experiment (mwahahaha)… Experiment: How Brazilian is Your Bottom? Hypotheses, please. Materials: -No. 2 pencil -YOUR Booty Procedure: Please take out a No. 2 pencil and stand up. Now place the pencil in …
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Magic Morning Runs

Credit By: Sean MacEntee

When Jenn and I were training for that marathon (oh-so-long ago), we followed the same training schedule. The only difference was she'd wake up at the butt crack of dawn to get in her runs, and I'd wait until after work. Every day I'd sit in my work cube and moan and groan, dreading the hard work …
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Knee Pain from Running: My Knee Jerk Reaction

My knee is being a total jerk. Just a few weeks into my 10K training, my knee and I are already in a fight. Already making me think that I'm going to fail my No. 1 Most Important Goal: No Injuries. I take that back: I'm not going to get injured because I'm not going to stupidly ignore the pain and …
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Putting Dry Dudz to the Test, the Jamaican Waters Test


Reviewing lots of new products is a seriously fun perk of this job. But when you get to review stuff that is best tested somewhere tropical—and then you actually get to go to Jamaica and have a legit place to review it? Well, that's just perfection. And that's what I got to do with Dry Dudz Hybrid …
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