Putting Dry Dudz to the Test, the Jamaican Waters Test

Reviewing lots of new products is a seriously fun perk of this job. But when you get to review stuff that is best tested somewhere tropical—and then you actually get to go to Jamaica and have a legit place to review it? Well, that’s just perfection. And that’s what I got to do with Dry Dudz Hybrid Shorts and Bikini Top. I wore it here, there and everywhere during my trip.

Dry Dudz Hybrid Shorts

First, let’s talk about the Dry Dudz Hybrid Shorts. These puppies come with bikini boy-short bottoms and a pair of boardshorts. They’re designed to help you go from water to sightseeing in a really cute—and dry—way. And I can confirm that these dry super-duper fast and are very light-weight and comfy. They’re also really easy to pack, as they take up virtually no room in your suitcase. They’re fun, bright, and I wore them all over in Jamaica, from snorkeling to swimming to a catamaran tour to Rick’s Cafe (anyone else been there in Negril, Jamaica?).

Me in my Dry Dudz boardshorts. Loved them!

Okay, so that’s a bit of an overstatement. I did wear them all over, but I only wore the boardshorts. I found the other, smaller pair of bottoms to be comfy and all, but they just weren’t flattering on my body, and I didn’t feel great in them. And ya’ll know how important it is to feel good when you’re half-naked on a beach, right? But, the boardshorts? Well, they were my go-to. They hung loosely on my hips, and I adored the length. For $85 (on sale right now for $65), I certainly think they’re worth trying, especially if you’re a water rat who loves to paddleboard, swim, snorkel and anything else involving the aqua!

Dry Dudz Bikini Top

Fitz of Fitzness.com and I on the catamaran tour after some swimming. Note how I matched the top to a pair of bikini bottoms I already owned. Perfect!

Along with my Dry Dudz Hybrid Shorts, the company also sent me a bikini top to match them. Bonus! I’m always looking for a good, cute and athletic swimsuit, and this top fit the bill. Sold separately for $40, it was super cute with the boardshorts, kept the girls supported and was easily adjusted with a tie halter top and back.

The bikini top kept me covered while swimming and even going off the water slide on our catamaran ride, but I do have to sheepishly admit that I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction when snorkeling. I was lying on a life jacket at the time to help keep me afloat while I looked at the fishies, and I guess the life jacket somehow shifted the top around. Thankfully, it was only Ryan that saw my Janet-Jackson moment underwater, and he quickly alerted me to the fact that he just saw “a boobie fish.” We’re mature, I know. Despite that though, I loved the bikini top. And I blame the life jacket.

Anyone else tried Dry Dudz before? Do you have a pair of boardshorts you love? An athletic swimsuit you adore for water workouts and vacation activities? Let’s get chatty about it! —Jenn



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