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These Are Our Confessions: Tish’s Fitness Confessions

We’ve done embarrassing momentsfitness truths and love letters. For this Question of the Week though, we’re getting super honest—fitness confessional style. 

There’s something groovy about confessing your fitness faults and funnies, don’t ya think?! I’m not sure Jenn and Erin knew what they were getting themselves into when they asked if I’d sit down with a camera and blab about my business. They say the truth shall set you free. Well, I’m doing my best to feel as free as can be today!

I have to know: Do any of you have a stinky fitness side as well? —Tish


  1. Mik of the Plains says

    OH Tish. If only you were alone in your gassy nature. I happen to be legendary in my ability to loudly announce my presence in both sound and smell. That said, my specialty is the SBDE (silent but deadly emission).

    If I’m having a particularly nasty gas day, I do try to find a machine at the gym that’s away from others. But that’s not always possible. :-)

  2. Erica says


    I so identify with what you said about rap music. I thought I was the only person that was like this. I am quick to talk about how rap music degrades women, but I’ll bump it when working out…too funny! I’ve always felt like I’m a walking contradiction. Thanks for making me feel a little better about myself :0)


  3. sheree says

    My secret shame running song is “Put That A** To Work” by LMAFO. Disgustingly misogynistic, and I shake my head at myself whenever it comes on my iPod, but when it does… well, I do what the song says, and put my a** to work.

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