Groupie Time: I Adore This Trainer

Angela Parker on The Talk. She’s my fave!

I mentioned before that I fell in love with the MTV show, Chelsea Settles. That was sort of an understatement. I pretty much began to stalk Chelsea and Angela Parker (the trainer) on Twitter and became cyber buds with the both of them; especially Angela. Through Instagram, I learned that she was a guest on the daily talk show, The Talk. Of course I DVR’ed that bad boy. It proved to be a good move, too, because she gave some great workouts for those who can’t get to a gym. These workouts are super easy to follow, plus they’re fast and efficient. (My favorite combination.)

I stalk the knowledge and give the good stuff over to you. Enjoy!

What about you? Do you have any home workouts you’d love to share with the group? A favorite celeb trainer? ‘Tis the season for giving! —Tish


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  1. Tish,

    I so agree with you that Angela is a pretty awesome trainer. After reading your post, I had to watch “Chelsea Settles,” and I absolutely loved the show. Angela is everything you want a personal trainer to be, and her interest in seeing Chelsea succeed even beyond weight loss was truly genuine and inspiring. Thanks for introducing me to the show!