Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Can you not stop with just one? Behold the power of sugar addiction… Credit:

You always hear about people saying that they have a “sweet tooth,” and—I’ll admit—I’m one of them. While I definitely like my fruits and veggies, I still need—ahem—want something sweet after dinner. And, okay, sometimes after lunch, too. That’s why every single day, I give myself a piece or two of dark chocolate and occasionally splurge when I’m out at a nice restaurant and tiramisu is on the menu. That seems to keep me sane and not in violation of any three of these seven signs of sugar addiction. Although, I do have to admit, that if I overindulge, I definitely feel symptoms of withdrawal—and in graduate school, it certainly got out of control. So I’m very aware of sugar addiction and its negative effects. What about you though?

We would love to hear your take on this, so please share your opinions and experiences with sugar addiction! —Jenn


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