Fit Tip Friday: How to Warm Up for a Cold-Weather Workout

ColdWeatherWorkoutWoot! Woot! It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Fit Tip Friday time! Today’s fit tip is from FBG Kristen, who has plenty of cool running and training tricks up her dri-FIT sleeves.

This particular Fit Tip Friday was inspired by our own experience running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn 10K together in November—when we were freezing our collective fit booties off. Watch below (or click here) for a few simple dynamic stretches that you can do before beginning any cold-weather workout to warm-up properly and prevent injury! Because remember, ya’ll: injuries suck. Enjoy!

Love these simple yet effective moves to warm up! Are you doing dynamic stretches before your workouts, especially this winter? Will you now? For the love of healthy muscles, please do! —Jenn


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