The New (Fitter) Blue Box You’ll Want to Open This Holiday

The new little blue box!

Ladies, there’s a new “little blue box” in town. Sure, nothing—nothing—beats Tiffany’s (especially after a race), but a piece of jewelry that is affordable, light-weight, hand-stamped with love and supports your rockin’ healthy lifestyle? Well, we think that’s pretty rad. Not that we can be objective about our new line of jewelry, obviously. Because we can’t. We love these fit necklaces! But we think that even Ms. Hepburn would dig ’em. (She’s most certainly a “fierce” Fit Bottomed Girl!)

With two different styles to choose from—Straight Up or Powered Up (where you can pick a custom “power” word, like Hepburn’s fierceness)—these are the perfect gift to put on your wishlist or get your lady friends this holiday season. Whether it’s in a stocking or under the tree, they’re sure to bring a little Fit Bottomedness to your holiday and a little extra motivational oomph to any gal’s life. Woot!

So drop those wishlist hints, ladies, or get to shopping here. In order to ensure shipping by Christmas, all holiday orders must be in by December 14. So don’t delay! —Jenn


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