FitLinks: Happy Christmas Edition!

Credit: Theresa Thompson

Happy Christmas! (Yes, sometimes we like to pretend we're British.) Since we're taking the day off (note, too, that all the FBGs are taking a break from their weekly blog posts, too), if you want to do some fit reading, check out the links we love below... We're digging this new channel for …
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Feeling the ‘Love’ With This Love Handles Workout

Just one of the super effective moves from Amanda's Love Handles Workout!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! Today we're off hanging with our families and eating copious amounts of sugar cookies, but we wanted to share one heck of a Love Handles Workout with you from the one and only Amanda Russell. Short and sweet,  if you have a few extra minutes to spare today, it'll …
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Are You At Your Happy Weight?

We can help you love a truly healthy lifestyle.

Earlier this month, we shared a few of our top tips for finding your "happy weight." Now, don't get it twisted. To us, "happy weight" is more of a feeling or a comfortableness in your own skin rather than some unrealistic, ideal number you're chasing. After all, no matter your size and the number on …
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The Latest From Mamas: Fit Tools Busy Moms Need, Losing the Baby Weight & More!

Meet the kettlebell. One of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment to have at home. Credit: andrewmalone

Swing! These latest links from Fit Bottomed Mamas have us swinging our kettlebells with dee-light! Check 'em out, mamas and mamas-to-be! Three fitness tools busy moms can make good and quick use out of! Biting the daycare bullet. Any advice for Erin? A workout DVD you can do with the …
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Here and There: A Tour of FBG Tish’s Writing and Work Spaces


For this round of Question of the Week, we are going super behind the scenes of FBG with a little tour (via photos or video) of each FBG’s writing and work space. Large or small, in need of cleaning or not, it’s—as they say on MTV Cribs—where the “magic” happens! So read and watch as we answer the …
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Can’t Stop Mindless Snacking? This Friday Fit Tip Is for You!

mindless snacking

It happens to the best of us---especially this time of year when there are so many yummy things around and so much pressure at parties and gatherings to splurge---but do you have a habit of overeating? Eating when you're not hungry? Consider yourself an emotional eater? Or simply seem to eat too …
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★FitStars: Professional Skier and Olympic Medalist Julia Mancuso


Professional skier and three-time Olympic medalist Julia Mancuso is one of many of the amazing athletes who inspire us to be better---and work out harder to reach our true potential. (Seriously, don't you think all of us have a little Olympian on the inside just busting to be seen, even if we're not …
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Trader Joe’s, Welcome Home


Trader Joe's has opened a location in my city. After years of smuggling various nut butters and assorted treats home from other cities with a TJ's, I can grab some Three-Layer Hummus on my way to my local Target. I'm a happy, happy gal. I stopped in the day after it opened and was thrilled to …
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Getting Ripped With Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core DVD


I have a secret. This is my first Bob Harper DVD—gasp! I can actually envision Jenn’s disbelief rushing across her face. Trust me, it’s not something I’m proud of, but better late than never, right? I was stoked to see his newest DVD come in the mail. As a huge (and I do mean HUGE) fan of the The …
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