It’s Live! Fit Bottomed Eats Is Live!

You’ll notice the site design looks a bit different than Fit Bottomed Girls and Mamas…

Much more fit and way less scary than Frankenstein (you know us; we can never resist a good movie reference!), we are so so SO excited to announce that Fit Bottomed Eats is live!

As you guys learned two weeks ago, we’ve been working on perfecting this project for months, and it is so cool to see it fully up and running—or, perhaps more appropriately—up and cooking. You’ll see a lot of the same fun and creative writers over there that you’ve been seeing here on FBG, plus you’ll get the same healthy and fun message that we take towards fitness except this time it’ll be applied to yummy nummy food.

Kale, chia seeds, sriracha, almond butter, coconut water, wine (ahem, did we say that?!) and everything else in between, it’ll be a delicious site to dive into! And don’t worry. We’ll do some food reviews and recipes here—they’ll just be more related to workouts than the goodies you’ll see on Eats.

So enough yapping from us! Sign up for Eats’ weekly emailsTwitter and Facebook updates now and head the heck over to Fit Bottomed Eats to check it out! —Jenn


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