Thursday Giveaway: Motivational Jewelry to Get You Moving in 2013

Win some jewelry that'll remind you to be healthy and happy!

Win some jewelry that’ll remind you to be healthy and happy!

This giveaway is part of New Year New Rear Week, FBG’s annual tradition of starting your New Year off with a fit bang. Get all the special posts and giveaways here!

Instead of just keeping your fit goals and dreams in your head and your heart, why not wear them on your sleeve or around your neck, too? That’s what today’s giveaway is all about: cute visual reminders to keep you on track and remind you just how strong and awesome you are!

That’s why we have combined forces with Words to Sweat by for today’s fit-jewelry giveaway. Up for grabs? Not one…not two…but three pieces that inspire: the Straight Up FBG Necklace, the Powered Up FBG Necklace (you can pick the “Powered Up” word of your choice!) and a Words to Sweat by bracelet (you can pick this one, too!).

You can be entered to win one by simply sharing this post with a friend. We don’t care how you do it—text, Facebook, shouting it out to a co-worker, email. Just tell someone who might like to win, too, and then leave a comment with who you told. We’ll pick three lucky random U.S. readers in about a week to win one of the aforementioned pieces. Winners will be notified via email and in the comments.

Good luck—and here’s to a strong and cute 2013! —Jenn




  1. Julia says

    I told my coworker who is on round 2 of P90X. She has lost a lot of weight last year, but has some more to go for this year. This would encourage her greatly! Go Jamie!

  2. Natalie says

    I told my friend Ashley. She does Tris and loves things that keep her motivated! She is my FBG hero!

  3. Leslie says

    I told my daughter that if I don’t win, I want her to make me a bracelet just like that one! :-)

  4. Samantha says

    I told my friend and fit buddy because with our little ones taking up our time, we need as much motivation as possible! LOL

  5. Anneliese V. says

    I shared on twitter (@missnewvillage) and told my mother and her friend who are on Weight Watchers and are in the middle of their weight loss journey.

  6. Kelley Pearson says

    I told my boyfriend,Rich. He is a certified fitness and yoga instructor, he really keeps me motivated!

  7. Kelley Pearson says

    oh yeah and i pinned it to my health and beauty and also my fitness board in pinterest!

  8. Marie says

    I shared this with my mom; We’re always looking for ways to inspire eachother to be more fit, mentally and physically!

  9. Michelle Thayer says

    I shared with my husband! I think this is a great reminder to keeping working towards our goals!

  10. Maggie says

    I told my group of friends at the gym – we keep each other motivated but could really use some Words to Sweat By too!! :)

  11. Emily says

    Just shared it with my Running Best Friend by facebook message–we both love inspirational running jewelry.

  12. Jenn says

    The winners of this one are…

    Mel W — #29
    Terra — #46
    Kelsey — #69

    Woot! Woot! Congrats, ladies! Emailing you now to get mailing addresses! :)

    —FBG Jenn

  13. Sue says

    What a great idea motivational jewelry. They say to keep your motivations in front of you and what better place than on your body.

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