A Time-Saving Kettlebell Workout from Gin Miller

Dude. Spring is just around the corner. And with spring—at least for us—comes the need to want to do something new and fresh! So when THE Gin Miller (um, she’s a fitness icon!) offered to put together a time- and space-saving kettlebell workout, we grabbed our bells and got to swinging. Now you go do the same!

Gin Miller’s Kettlebell Workout

Gin recommends using the new 3-in-1 Kettlebell from Empower Fitness, which features Gin’s Swing Yourself Fit workout DVD, because the weight can be adjusted to five, eight or 12 pounds, making it perfect to keep challenging yourself as you get stronger! For added support, Gin says to use your free hand to spot your kettlebell during one-handed moves. And, of course, make sure your area is clear before beginning the routine. You obviously wouldn’t want to clock something—or someone—with a kettlebell.

Beginners, try doing the below moves for two minutes each, for a total of a 14-minute workout. Intermediate, do each move for three minutes, for a 21-minute workout and advanced exercisers, shoot for two minutes of each move and then go through the full circuit twice for a killer 28-minute workout. And, of course, do a little warming up and cooling down before and after this kettlebell workout!

Say hello to the Double-Arm Kettlebell Swing.

Say hello to the Double-Arm Kettlebell Swing.

1. Double-Arm Swing
• Start with kettlebell in both hands and feet shoulder-width apart.
• Swing kettlebell between legs, shifting your weight back.
• Aggressively thrust your hips forward, driving through your heels, extending spine and tightening glutes and thighs.
• Bring kettlebell up to chest height.
• With complete control, return kettlebell back to hike position by sitting back into your hips.
• When kettlebell reaches top of the swing, it should feel almost weightless. Be sure to use your hips and legs to move kettlebell, not your arms.


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