Bob Harper’s High-Energy Workout Playlist

bob-harper-workout-playlist-585We love Bob Harper. And we love good new workout music to download. So this workout playlist Bob put together for Rdio that’s eclectic, funky and high-energy? Well, obviously we’re obsessed. And had to share!

Bob Harper’s Workout Playlist

A nice mix of electronic, pop, blues and rock, we are loving this mix. Robyn and The Black Keys?! Obviously we are MFEO. (Who gets the movie reference? And what a fun game FBG Tish has started!) And “Fatty Boom Boom”? Well, that sounds like an amazing workout track. And one whose title would crack us up every time we hit the gym. (Fat go boom, boom, bye-bye!)

What song do you think Bob should add to his playlist? We vote, this one. ‘Cause, well, for obvious reasons. —Jenn


  1. Kristen says

    you know I read this article for the picture! love the playlist, though. Time to go listen to some of the songs I haven’t heard!

  2. Simone says

    I found “fatty boom boom” on youtube. The lyrics are not “family oriented”. Very strong language that may offend some. The official video is interesting. The black faced female rapper may have to change her look for the American audience as it can be seen as very offensive. The beat is really high paced and good for a workout. But it’s not really P.C. music. I see Bob Harper in a different light after listening to that song.

  3. Janine says

    Wow, Bob likes Die Antwoord? Amazing. I have a lot of their songs on my workout playlist, their high energy music helps me with my cardio. Granted, their lyrics aren’t “clean” by any means; but when I workout, I’m usually paying attention to the beat, not necessarily the lyrics. Although, some songs aren’t that bad (if you know Afrikaans).

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