Fit Tip Friday: Make a Healthy Living Dream Board

Get healthier and happier by making a healthy living dream board!

Get healthier and happier by making a healthy living dream board!

Every year around my birthday, I make a healthy living dream board. A mix of fitness goals, personal dreams and just overall being-my-best kind of stuff, it’s a fun and creative endeavor that helps me focus and visualize my best possible life. Since FBG is all about you doing pretty much that—especially this week with Love Yo’Self Week on and in full effect!—I thought that how to make a dream board for the fitter and healthier would make for a perfect Fit Tip Friday!

While a lot of people make these at the start of the year, anytime is a good time to make a dream board. So bust out those magazines, scissors and creative juices, and let’s get ready to dream bigger—and fitter!

I shared mine; now you share yours! What images and phrases are on your healthy living dream board?! Instagram or Tweet us yours! —Jenn


  1. Christina says

    I am a huge advocate for dream boards, I have a health one, a business one and a family dream board! There is something about seeing it, that helps remind us “why” we are doing this thing that seems like insanity:)

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