Reflections on Adidas Deep Energy Deodorant—and the Color Orange

Is this the perfect deodorant for fit dudes everywhere?

Is this the perfect deodorant for fit dudes everywhere?

This adidas deodorant review is a part of Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week to encourage all the dudes out there to get moving! Check out all of the special dude-friendly content here.

Since I only surface about once a year here on FBG for Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week, I am confident that you are unfamiliar with my past obsession with the adidas brand in general.

Growing up, I played soccer year round on those annoying and color-coordinated “premier” soccer club teams. We were pretty confident that, not only were we little masters of the game, but we also looked damn good doing it. For some reason during this time of pre-teenage vanity, I personally gravitated to adidas. Something about the simplicity of the logo and the allure of the nationally ambiguous name made me feel just a little more legit when squaring off against other 11-year-olds who could juggle a soccer ball to a count of one hundred. Many of us could master this highly important status symbol skill—but if you did this wearing adidas… it looked more like 150!

I digress…The point is, the obsession was a subversive thing. I’ve only recently put all the past memories together to understand my obsession with the brand. In fact, a few years ago, I realized I had two identical pairs of the classic Samba. I am the polar opposite of a clothes horse or shoe hoarder. I hate a pile of shoes in my closet. So the fact that I allowed two identical pairs survive for years without noticing is a testament to the ingrained and secret power of the adidas brand in my brain.

So when my wife—better known in these parts as FBG Jenn—approached me with adidas Deep Energy Deodorant, I thought to myself simultaneously, “You want me to review deodorant?” and “You want me to review adidas deodorant!!!”

During the hand-off, I immediately noticed two things that started to win me over. First, there was the classic adidas logo (flash back to juggling a soccer ball and feeling like a bad-ass). Second, the darn thing was orange. Orange is awesome, enough said. It is the color of creativity, energy and change (think of sunsets and the seasons).

Having the stick now in my possession, I noticed it felt cool. Side grips for extra grasp-ability and an ergonomic size (it perfectly fit my hand). They must have been working with Steve Jobs and Apple to get that right. It’s seriously the same width of the iPhone 5.

I popped the matte black plastic cap (again, very cool) and encountered a deodorant that looked like a pale blue ice cube and smelled like cologne. It sort of begged me to wear leather—but I’m not really that type of guy.

I’d explain how well it held up over the stated 24-hour protection period and how fresh I really did feel at the end of the day, but what’s the point? If you couldn’t guess, I’ve been mesmerized by the adidas brand, color orange and ergonomic things in general since I hit puberty. Do you really think I can be objective?

Have you ever tried any of the adidas deodorants or body care products? Have a similar obsession with the color orange or the brand adidas? —Ryan Walters


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