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FBG Erin’s Letter to Dudes Everywhere: We’re Impressed

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We don’t care about the weight of your weights! Credit: midiman

Last year Gal Josefsberg wrote this amazingly inspiring letter to women of the world telling us all that we are perfect as we are? Well, this year for Fit Bottomed Dude’s Week we’re taking that concept and flipping it. Every day this week each FBG will share her very own personal letter to the guys of the world.

Dear Men-Folk,

Not surprisingly, I agree with Jenn on most things men. We don’t need the buffest, baddest guy in the gym. We don’t need those body sprays. We just want someone who can keep up with us most of the time. And open those damn jars that refuse to budge. Also…

We’re not impressed with big weights; we’re impressed you’re lifting weights at all. Add additional weight if you need the challenge, but don’t bank on the fact that we’re paying any attention.

We’re more impressed when a dude joins group exercise class—it takes a little bit of guts to join 20 women in a class (although it really shouldn’t!). If it’s a dance class, even more kudos to you!

We’re impressed with your ability to commit sports knowledge to memory. Seriously,  how do you do that?

Those few extra pounds? We don’t really notice all that much. Especially because you’re a few inches taller and they get spread out more. Lucky ducks.

If you’re bald, yes, just shave it! And that gray at the temples? Growl. We’re impressed that you just look better as you get older.

So don’t change a thing. Except maybe your clothes after a workout. You guys sweat a lot.




  1. Jen says

    Haha, that was good! The only part I disagree with is opening the jars. I’m a massage therapist, so I’ve got some very strong hands and forearms! :) I do like that they’re taller so they can reach things I can’t (I’m 5-4 1/2″….don’t forget the 1/2″, it’s important when you’re this short!).

  2. says

    I love seeing men in my gym class, in fact I used to take my fella. I can’t speak for all ladies at the gym but it made me work harder having a man working out with us.

  3. Kristen says

    Men who drop in and participate in my Zumba class (we don’t really have any regulars who are guys) get big points from the ladies. Cheers and applause. And you don’t even have to be good at Zumba! Just show up and you are a hero.

  4. says

    LOL! This was too funny and you are so right. I definitely want someone who can keep up with me most of the time and open those damn jars that refuse to budge; but interstingly, I have strong hands and am the one openig up those jars most of the time. LOL. It is funny when my boyfriend asks me for help. I like what you said that we’re more impressed when a dude joins group exercise class—and that it takes a little bit of guts to join 20 women in a class. I remember when I was telling my boyfriend how hard my spinning class was and convinced him to take it with me and yes, he was surrounded by women.

  5. says

    Great post, thanks for making us guys feel appreciated, think I am going to a few more exercise classes :) and yes I am available to open jars lol

  6. says

    I love this. Men, go to our exercise classes with us!! This is the #1 way you can be encouraging your lady, and she’ll love you for it! (Or like you a lot. haha)

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