5 Natural Products to Help You Feel Better This Cold and Flu Season


Feeling under the weather? Want to avoid getting a cold, or worse, the flu? Check out some recent goodies that can help you to stay or get healthy this cold and flu season!

1. AllergEase All-Natural Honey Lemon Lozenges. Not sure if it’s fall allergies or a straight-up cold? Get relief either way with these lozenges, made with four herbal extracts, a touch of menthol and organic honey, plus a full daily dose of vitamin C.

2. Cold Brew Steep & Go. Full of antioxidants, tea is a fantastic healthy drink. And you can take your tea with you — anywhere — with this neato-bandito bottle top from The Tea Spot. With it, you can make fresh cold-brewed tea in any water bottle you have, wherever you may be!

3. Slice of Life Vitamin C + Pomegranate. Boost your vitamin C intake with these yummy gummy vitamins (with pomegranate!) that contain 250 mg (417 percent of your daily value) to help support your immune system.

4. 100% Pure Aroniaberry Concentrate. Super up your immune system with this 100 percent aroniaberry concentrate that contains a full seven pounds of aroniaberries in every bottle. A total superfood!

5. Herbal Zap. Feeling run down? Zap yourself! Well, Herbal Zap yourself, we mean. Said to work according to the principles of Ayurveda, this drink — when taken at the first sign of feeling a little sick — is supposed to boost health and immunity.

Of course, getting proper rest and sleep plus an overall healthy diet are key, but tell us: how do you stay healthy during cold and flu season? How do you get relief? —Jenn


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  1. As a healthcare worker, I have to say it: PROPER HANDWASHING!!!! The #1 rule of infection control 🙂