A New Way to Track Health From the Inside Out

When you’re training to be faster, stronger or just in the best shape of your life, you probably rely on data to measure your gains. You know your best 800-meter times, how many consecutive pull-ups you can do, what kind of weight you can safely squat and how long you can ride your bike before you risk your legs falling off.

But that’s all external data based on what you’re doing. What about data based on how you’re doing, health-wise?

inside tracker

InsideTracker is a new tool that allows anyone (it’s geared toward athletes, but, like, not necessarily super serious athletes) to get a clear measure of their health based on bloodwork results. Not only that, but it provides suggestions based on those results.

We’re kind of living in the future, guys.


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    Great tips! I will have a hard time with a few of them, like getting to bed early! I try every day, and there’s always a million things to finish first. And I am so weird, I prefer my water room temp, but the metabolism boost might be enough to change me!

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