Halloween Candy: The Real Calorie Count

Whether it’s the office candy bowl, leftovers from giving out candy at your home or your kid’s not-so-cleverly hidden Halloween stash, chances are that, right about now, you’ve got access to candy. Maybe even a lot of candy. But they’re all small pieces, so if you grab a piece (or three) when you pass the source of the sweets a couple times a day (or an hour), it’s not such a big deal, right?

Not so much! Those fun-size candy bars might be just fine in moderation, but a handful here and a handful there can really add up. We’ve put together a fun infographic to show you how many calories are in some popular Halloween candy, as well as what you’d have to do to burn off those calories. We certainly don’t advocate you burning off everything you eat, but knowledge is power!

halloween candy FBG infographic

How much Halloween candy do you eat this time of year? —Kristen


  1. Jeff Stemmons says

    This is great information. Very interesting AND depressing at the same time. I’m going to have to watch my sweets intake, I have no idea it took 24 minutes of boxing to burn off one serving of candy corn, yikes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brad Ballantine says

    Maybe I just shouldn’t have read this. I cannot believe it takes 12 minutes of swimming to work off ONE peanut butter cup or fun sized skittles (Insert jaw drop here). I don’t even want to know what happens when you eat a full sized piece of candy.

  3. Lex says

    This makes me so sad! I love peanut butter cups!

    Fortunately, I don’t eat them too often, but now I’ll get to eat them even less… :-(

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