How to Clean Your Make-Up (And, Make It Last Longer, Too!)

Confession: I’m not great at keeping my make-up bag clean. In fact, I’m pretty sure I may still have an eye shadow (or, GOD, two) from high school in there. (Don’t call the beauty police on me!) So when these tips on how to take good care of your beauty products from Q-tips (bonus tip: Q-tips Precision Tips are great for make-up and doing your nails) landed in our inbox, we thought it would be the perfect thing to share for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week. From de-gunking your foundation cap to cleaning your lipstick, here are easy ways to clean up your make-up.


How often do you clean out your make-up bag? And, I totally promise that I’ll throw away that old eye shadow … girl scout’s honor! —Jenn 


  1. Deb E says

    I think one of the best things you can do with the makeup maintenance is clean those brushes. I bought a huge container of professional brush cleaner from Cinema Secrets, since it’s well-known and people love it (It’s blue). Love using cotton tips too since they’re so inexpensive. I threw away most all of my old scary lipsticks and went with gloss, lol.

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