Is Your Yoga Class Like This? We Sure As Heck Hope Not


We love yoga. And we love yoga in a studio. There’s just something about getting all zenned out in a room filled with people that makes yoga seem even more powerful and fulfilling.

That is, unless the other people in the room are jabbering, crowding your space or — quite literally — up in your butt. Then yoga? Eh, not so much. And while we’ve been to some amazing yoga classes before, we’ve had a few that have been less than perfect — but we’ve never had one quite this bad before …

A big thanks to the gals from SRSLY for hipping us to this on Twitter. So. So. Funny.

Now we’re dying to know: What’s been your most hilarious yoga experience? Once I had this instructor that I SWEAR had a fake accent … and let’s not forget the farting we all try to pretend didn’t happen … —Jenn


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