Stinky Shoes, Be Gone: Stuffitts Review

Even if you’re one of the lucky few who is able to knock out a killer workout without smelling, well, like something actually died, chances are your shoes don’t always fare so well. And it makes sense. I mean, we sweat a ton in them and then toss ’em back in the closet, only to bring them out the next time we want to get nice and sweaty. They don’t stand a chance. (And neither does anyone who ends up in a small, confined space with them.)

stuffitts shoe inserts

Or maybe not. Stuffitts for Shoes are reusable, cedar-filled inserts designed to fit snugly in your sneakers to ward off moisture and odor when you’re not wearing them.

(Off topic: Any Psych fans out there who also read “Stuffitts” and sang it to the tune of this? Just me? Well, okay then.)

In addition to that, they have a nifty nylon strap that not only keeps both Stuffitts together, but also make it easy to carry your shoes. I know I’m not the only one who likes to kick my running shoes off right away but doesn’t want to shove them in a gym bag with all my other stuff. This simple solution makes working around that so easy.

As far as my trial, I’ve been impressed. The review set I received were a size or two too big for my shoes, but I was able to shove them most of the way into the shoes I wore for my last race. I mean, I’m not going to say that I look forward to sticking my nose in there, but considering what they’ve been through, they’re now remarkably stink-free.

Stuffitts for Shoes are $24.95. They offer replacements for the cedar filling as well as a host of other anti-funk products for different types of shoes, helmets, gloves and bags.

Are smelly shoes an issue for you? Have you ever tried a solution like this? —Kristen


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  1. Oh this is random but perfect timing. I JUST complained this morning that all of Mark’s gym shoes in my office isn’t working out for me (even though it’s the room right off the garage…DRATS!) I can’t smell the smell any more! NEED THESE!