A Fun Way to Celebrate National Cereal Day

A few days ago, our buds at General Mills sent us a whole bunch of goodies to celebrate National Cereal Day. I’ll have to admit — I’m not super crafty — so I mostly just oohed and ahhed at the pretty party supplies and fun napkins and straws they sent with delusions of Pinteresty grandeur dancing in my head. But what I did do, immediately?

A jig — and then a selfie. Because when you’re sent a Lucky Charms-esque leprechaun hat, that’s what you do. Of course.


Then, I had a bowl of Chex. Okay, two bowls of Chex — one vanilla and one chocolate. (I should have just done it right the first time and had a big ol’ bowl of both of them mixed together. You live and you learn!) That stuff is amazing. I’m just doing my part to celebrate a national holiday, right? Right.

Want to celebrate National Cereal Day today, too? Head on over to Fit Bottomed Eats for a super fun post to see what your favorite cereal says about you. Good thing I’m married or Buddy the Elf’s bros would be in trouble! … —Jenn


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