3 Office Exercises for a Fit Booty

This post with three office exercises you can do to work your booty at work by Nadine Bedford was originally featured on FBG in August 2011 for Guest Bloggers’ Week. Seeing that it’s also perfect for Work It Week, we’re sharing it again! Nadine is a group fitness instructor for Vinyasa yoga and cardio kickboxing, who is also a skinny jeans aficionado and continually has to battle the “dreaded office-chair demise.”


Is your boss giving you a case of flat-butt syndrome? Being forced to sit 40 hours a week means your once-bumpin’ backside has likely become a sad lump of Silly Putty that looks like it’s been stomped on by a 7-mile-long marching band parade. And if it hasn’t yet, that marching band is lurking just around the corner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a few office-friendly fitness moves, you can rein in the dreaded office-chair demise. Take it easy though, you don’t want to become known as “Butt-Clencher Barbara” or “Linda, Lord of the Lunges.” Give it a couple weeks — just a few times a week with these office exercises — and those skinny jeans will be singing your praises.

3 Office Exercises That Work the Rump

1. Glute Squeeze. The easiest of the office exercises, simply sit up straight in your chair and squeeze the gluteus muscles as tight as you can. Hold the squeeze for five seconds and do 10 sets. Work your way up to holding for 10 seconds or longer.

2. Squat and Leg Lift. This one may need to be done in a hallway or bathroom if you don’t have a cubicle. Start with feet shoulder-distance apart, which means they are a little wider than your hips.


To squat, sit back as if sitting into a chair, legs moving toward a 90-degree angle. If you look down, you should still be able to see your toes as you squat.


As you come to a standing position, lift your right leg out to the side. Lift with your heel, letting your toes aim toward the floor to engage your outer hips and butt. Repeat squat and do a leg lift on the left to make one full set. Do 10 full sets of this office exercise.


3. Speed Skater Lunges. Another one for the bathroom, unless you want to be “Linda, Lord of the Lunges.” Start with feet hip distance apart. Shifting your weight to the right foot, step your left foot backward and diagonally behind your bent right leg.


Be sure to step back far enough to create a lunge with a 90-degree angle on the front bent leg. To return, push off the back left foot and bring it back to the starting position, then do the other leg. Do 10 speed skater lunges per leg.

Here’s to a better butt! What office exercises do you love sneaking in? —Nadine Bedford


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  1. Thanks for the exercises :) There are plenty of exercises to do that don’t require a lot of room and also work various muscle groups. I like to do planks, pushups, bicycles, squats, and lunges. I also like to stretch often throughout the day.