9 Men’s Fitness Blogs We Love

men's fitness blogs

Is it just us, or are good, like really good and relatable yet credible, men’s fitness blogs hard to come by? (This is pretty much why we created Fit Bottomed Dudes’ Week in the first place!) But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some gems out there. Because there are. And here are nine of them!

Our Fave Men’s Fitness Blogs

1. Fit Men Cook. We agree: fit men do cook! And this site makes cooking manly and inspiring and healthy and delicious.

2. Sean Vigue Fitness. We love Sean and not just because he’s on our site and one of our resident Fit Bottomed Dudes. He is just SO great. And his yoga and Pilates workouts are the best. THE BEST.

3. Make Your Body Work. Dave is another one of our Fit Bottomed Dudes, and, um, you don’t get named Canada’s Top Personal Trainer for no reason. Dave has unique and effective exercises and tips that get results.

4. Thug Kitchen. Awesome recipes, filled with hilarious crassness. Need we say more?

5. Nerd Fitness. Want to drop a few pounds, but want entertaining and real advice that works? Nerd Fitness would be it.

6. Mark Bittman. Okay, so it’s not exactly a blog, but it is about health and wellness, and Mark’s books, articles and recipes are inspiring. Certainly worth a spot on our list!

7. Zen Habits. Leo is the real deal. And — fun fact — he actually gave us a very early break back in, like, 2008, when he promoted FBG on his site, just because he agreed with what we were doing. This just isn’t one of our favorite men’s fitness blogs — it’s one of our favorite sites, period. We still can’t thank you enough, Leo!

8. Davey Wavey Fitness. Davey believes that honoring your body is an extension of honoring your life — and we couldn’t agree more.

9. Greatist. Greatist definitely covers more than just men’s fitness. They help everyone to be healthier and happier. And we love that.

Another site we love that is non-gender specific? Um, ours! We’re doing more dude-friendly content these days, and you can check it out year-round here. Leave your fave men’s fitness blogs in the comments! Jenn


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