15 Things Mindful People Do Differently

Ever wish you were more mindful? Or that, honestly, you had a better idea of what “being mindful” actually meant? If so, this post and infographic from Ideapod is fantastic. Because it’s one thing to say “be more mindful” and then another to actually implement strategies to do so all day, every day. And these 15 things are fantastic and concrete ways to work more mindfulness into your everyday life.


Are there any that you could do more of? Numbers 4 and 9 I could definitely stand to work on a bit … —Jenn


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  1. I so agree with no. 2! So often people think, when you have to deal with your emotions, you have to control them. Feeling angry? You can’t. It’s not just socially acceptable to all of a sudden vent out your frustrations. Feeling happy? Don’t let other people know you are. It’s not a very “adult” thing to do to show enthusiasm for your life. All of this suppression of emotions has made us all mindless robots doing thankless jobs we don’t care about, but we don’t realize that precisely because we’re not trying to be more mindful!

  2. Nice work! Each moment in our life will only happen once. It’s best to enjoy them all as they come and go. After all, we only have so much time to live.

  3. Nice and great stuff. Yes the thoughts are comes and goes and we don’t care about that and only belief yourself and focus on the goal. Try to smile yourself and make other to feel happy. Thanks a lot god/

  4. Really nice. I don’t know what to write more to appreciate, resonates with me closely.
    Thanks for sharing, I’m saving it! 🙂