5 Tips for Starting a Fitness Journey

After a wake-up call, Becca Kaner of the blog A Life Without Recipes knew that she needed to revamp her eating habits, change her workouts, shift her thinking and lose the weight for good. And, she did! Read on as she shares more about her journey — and what she recommends for anyone looking to start theirs for Love Yo’Self Week.

Hardships usually end in lessons and mine was quite clear: the life we desire can be fully designed if we have the power and the patience and the gumption to “just do it.” This year-long period of time helped birth my life’s and company’s motto: not one eating plan or type of workout is universal; it is critical to find what works for us as individuals, and what works alongside our body-types, talents, abilities, personalities and so much more.

5 tips for starting a fitnesss journey5 Tips for Starting a Fitness Journey

1. Be ready — like really, really ready. Like with most things, desire starts from within. Lean on others for great workout suggestions, and test the waters and see what piques your interest, but be really, really ready, from within, to work, sweat and begin this new phase of your life.

2. Patience is a virtue. Understanding your body type and metabolism are important first steps in your fitness journey, and will serve as great indicators of how long it may take to see your desired results. Do not be alarmed if at first the weight comes off slowly. Slow but steady wins the race!

3. Exercise is an actor while nutrition is the star of the show. Statistics vary when measuring the importance of nutrition vs. exercise when it comes to weight loss. The most important thing is that you stick to what works for you, and be patient in finding the most suitable way of eating. Don’t be afraid to have your favorite foods every once in a while!

4. Don’t stick to someone else’s workout “recipe.” Not one workout “works” for everyone. Be persistent with your search. Some people swim, others run and some just lift weights. You’ll find what works for you, and it can even be a mix of all workouts in the world!

5. Don’t be afraid to pick up the weights. Weight training is a great way to tone your entire body from head to toe. Since I personally LOVE cardio, I always intersperse three to four cardio sessions per week with two to three weight-training sessions per week. I have seen excellent results from both and you just might, too!

How can you start to see your fitness as a journey and not a destination?—Becca Kaner


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  1. Starting my own fitness journey a few years ago was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Started out with DVDs at home, moved on to an all-female boot camp, and have now added running to the list. Never regretted a minute!

  2. Article spot on, these are essentially what you need in your fitness journey, miss out one then you are bound to miss the big picture. To summarize you need to

    1.Adjust your mindset
    2.Adjust your diet
    3.Get an exercise routine
    4.Get a good supplement

  3. Love this post!
    Defiantly agree with the point that not one persons routine is the same and you have to stick with what works for you! x
    Izzy |https://pinchofdelight.wordpress.com

  4. Great advice, especially not being afraid to pick up the weights. There are so many benefits a woman can get from weight training but are often reluctant because of the myth of getting bulky.

  5. Be punctual with your workout schedule and take good care of your diet. A healthy mind is the source of healthy body so fill yourself up with positive thoughts as this will help to boost up your confidence.

  6. I strictly believe in this – ” Don’t stick to someone else’s workout recipe.”
    Not the same workout works for all, and I love cardio exercises. They are my first preference of the day

  7. Thank you so much for sharing, I really need this, I am a complete newbie in fitness journey, and your workouts seems quite difficult, but I have to follow and yes I will.

    Keep feeding such information.

  8. Good thoughts. My journey was/is to keep a positive attitude, eat right everyday, and exercise everyday. If you treat your body right, you feel great. If you don’t, you pay the price. It is always a challenge. Being healthy is not easy and not cheap, but the neither is a doctor.