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While the FBGs do have extensive experience working out and even hold a fitness certification or two, they are by no means medical doctors and are not qualified to give individualized recommendations or guidelines regarding fitness, nutrition or life in general. So, use your common sense, and don’t get hurt doing anything silly. This blog is intended to motivate, to provide general fitness education and to encourage fitness fun!

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As journalists, the FBGs value their integrity. While we often receive samples from manufacturers so that we can review their products, we are never paid for these articles (and we often give these freebies to you, the readers) unless explicitly disclosed and labeled as a sponsored post. And no sneakiness here: In the event that we review an advertiser’s product, we will disclose the relationship in our review. On the rare occasion that we do write a sponsored post, you can be certain that we stand behind the product or service featured 100 percent. Otherwise, we wouldn’t agree to promote it! Bottom line: readers always get our honest opinions, without influence by outside parties (although, for the record, we do love a good party).

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