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Who Needs a Wrist, Anyway?

A slender black model with her arms wrapped around herself.

No matter how much you try to appreciate your body and all of its abilities, you don't truly appreciate something until its gone. I don't even have a good story for how I injured my wrist. "I got in a fight with a clown" is what I really want to tell people. But the truth is that I woke up one …
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6 Tips for a Kettlebell Workout (and One Workout to Try)


I've used kettlebells here and there, but never really felt super confident in incorporating them into my routine. So when my gym put on a free kettlebell workshop, I signed right up. I had to pass up my regular Saturday Zumba time to make it to the class, but I figured I'd benefit from knowing a …
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Wednesday Giveaway: Seven Leslie Sansone DVDs


Ready to run? No? Well that's okay, because today's giveaway is all about the walk! We know that running gets a lot of glory, but never forget that walking is an awesome workout, too. So today we're giving away seven awesome Leslie Sansone walking workout DVDs so you can get your strut on. Leslie is …
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