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Dog in Teddy Bear Suit Works Out … and Is the Cutest Thing Ever


Dogs are cute. Dogs dressed up as teddy bears are cute. So, a dog dressed up as a Teddy bear that's working out on a treadmill? Well, just stop there right now. WE CANNOT TAKE THE CUTENESS. The dog's name? Munchkin the Teddy Bear. We die! Have a pet video you love that puts a smile on your …
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April Fit Bottomed Challenge Week 4: You’re Much Stronger Than You Think You Are


Feeling like Superwoman yet? We hope so because ... It's true! And not just because Superman said it. It's true because most of the time the only person holding us back is, well, us. Our own limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about ourselves can keep us --- mentally and physically --- …
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Suds Fideo Up Right: Molly’s Suds Dog Shampoo Giveaway


If you're like us, then you want to take as good of care of your four-legged friend(s) as you do yourself. Which means, you wanna keep them clean --- but in a safe way that's good on their skin. Which is exactly where Molly's Suds Dog Shampoo comes in ... and why we're giving a bottle away of this …
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Dog-Gone Fun: Fit Bottomed Pets Week Is the Cat’s Meow!


Is there a better and more excited walking or jogging buddy than a dog? Nope. A cuter and fuzzier way to de-stress than playing with a kitten? We think not. A more watchable online video subject? Absolutely not. Which is one of the many reasons why we love our pets. Which is why we want to take care …
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Fit Apparel for Every Body


Going shopping for some new fit apparel? Want to be inspired? Try a new workout? Looking to imbibe more healthfully? Oh, we have all that and more in today's FitLinks! Fitness wear for all shapes and sizes. ---Fit Bottomed Mamas Grab the tissues. ---ESPN So beautiful! ---Dancing With the …
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