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The Ultimate 90s Workout Song: C+C Music Factory, Round 1

C+C Music Factory, Round 1-435

We're already into the third week of the Ultimate 90s Workout Song Battle --- can you believe it? Voting is still open for the Sir Mix-a-Lot and Britney brackets (but not for long!), and today, we're unveiling one that's gonna make you sweat: The C+C Music Factory Bracket! You can check out …
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Secure, Stabilize, Control: A Little Lesson in Sports Bras

sports bra

Earlier this summer, when I went to Brooks Running HQ in Seattle as a part of the blog ambassador program, I not only got the scoop on the fact that Moving Comfort was now officially a part of Brooks (is that great news or what?), but man, did I learn a thing or six about sports bras in general. But …
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The Ultimate 90s Workout Song: Britney, Round 1


How'd you make out in the Sir Mix-a-Lot bracket? Are you buggin' over which songs to vote for? Well, we know they're pretty much all da bomb, but you've gotta make your move quickly, because we'll be closing voting for that bracket before you know it! And, of course, this week we have another …
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Beach Vacay? Don’t Leave Home Without These Must-Haves!

beach vacation

If your vacation plans this summer include hitting the beach, well, you've come to the right place. Not only do we have some amazing beach-friendly workouts for you to check out (like this interval set! or this long beachy run! and of course, there's always this!), but now that I live near a beach …
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The Ultimate 90s Workout Song: Sir Mix-A-Lot, Round 1


Fly Girls and guys, get your clickin' fingers ready, because this Ultimate 90s Workout Song Battle is allll that ... and a bag of chips. Obvs.   Just as we did with the Ultimate 80s Workout Song Battle, we had our readers weigh in on which songs should make the playoffs, then seeded …
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Running, Racing, Rock ‘n’ Roll: Seattle Half Marathon Race Recap

kissing race medal

When I headed to Seattle for the Brooks Running blog ambassador trip, I didn't go in with my typical race plan. You see, my typical race plan includes paces and goals, and my plan for the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Half Marathon? All I wanted was to cross the finish line with a smile on my …
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