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Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Whitney Bracket (Round 1, Part 1)

best workout song

Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Not because of happy hour (although that's fun, too), but because it's such a blast to share the latest brackets in the Ultimate 80s Workout Song Playoff! If you haven't already voted in the Paula, Queen and Madonna brackets (yes, we named …
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Morning Routines of Fit Women

alarm clock

Late last year, I read a Forbes article detailing the morning routines of 12 women leaders. It was a fascinating read and ... intimidating as hell, to be honest. While I might not be considered a "leader," necessarily, I usually consider myself to be a fairly successful and functioning adult, but I …
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Where I Save (and Splurge) on Fitness

save and spend money on fitness

Oh, boy. Our latest question of the week has come at a really interesting time for me. You see, I'm preparing to move to a new city, so I've been reevaluating my current fitness spending/saving habits to determine what will make the most sense when it comes time to start over. Should I find a fancy …
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Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Queen Bracket (Round 1, Part 1)

best workout songs

It's Friday, and you know what that means! Time for another round of 80s song match-ups for you to vote on (and listen to). Last week, we introduced you to eight songs in the Paula bracket (and if you haven't voted yet, go now! We'll wait here!), and today, we're bringing out the Queen bracket. …
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CES 2015? Oh, Yes! New Fitness Tech Is on Its Way

fitness tech

If you're a wee bit tech savvy (and, if you clicked on this article, I'm kinda thinking you are), you've probably been catching glimpses of all the hot new technology being unveiled at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 in Las Vegas. From drones to phones to vacuums and more, CES is the place to …
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Ultimate 80s Workout Song: Paula Bracket (Round 1, Part 1)

best 80s songs

When it comes to knowing (and loving) 80s tunes, our readers do not disappoint. You guys jumped at the opportunity to tell us which songs you thought deserved a chance to compete for the title of the Ultimate 80s Workout Song, and now, we're kicking things off with the Ultimate 80s Workout Song …
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Resistance Band Exercises: 5 to Try

resistance band

Resistance bands are an inexpensive --- and indispensable --- tool every FBG should have in her exercise arsenal. They take up very little space in storage, making them great for working out at home or on the road, and you can work every major muscle group with just one band. Seriously. Now, that …
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