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Get Addicted To Sweat with Nicole Winhoffer


With temptations around every corner, there are many things to be addicted to in this world. My No. 1 addiction though has been my solution for relieving stress, curbing my (sometimes) excessive love for food and is always a big part of getting together with my girlfriends. My addiction is …
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SparkPeople Does It Again—Tone and Sculpt With Coach Nicole Workout DVD


Talk about a movement! has helped millions of people become active and healthy and their Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole DVD is no exception. This all-in-one DVD features three 20-minute workouts that focus on sculpting and toning a beautiful and fit body. With tons of …
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Changing Pilates With the STOTT PILATES Towel Workout DVD


Remember that awesome guy…you know, the one who started the Pilates revolution? Oh yeah, Mr. Joseph Pilates! Well, as the fitness industry has evolved over the years, so has the world of Pilates. I mean, Pilates participation in North America grew 601 percent since 2011! Like what? In fact, 10.7 …
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How to Make Your Own Protein Ice Cream


You guys already know that protein does wonders for your body…and your appetite, right? Each evening (okay—I’m a total addict), I make myself my very own version of protein ice cream to beat my sweet cravings and give my body something healthy to enjoy before I head to bed. This basic protein ice …
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Getting A Better Body with Jessica Smith’s 10 Pounds Down: Better Body Blast


The other day when I went through my boyfriend’s T-shirt drawer, I found one thing quite odd—he had five of the same shirts but in five different colors! At first, I couldn't help but think this guy could really use some good fashion advice, but I slowly realized that he might be on to something: If …
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Leaping Lebert Equalizer Bars!


Oh my gosh—Leaping Lebert Equalizer bars! Haha, okay you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m referring to. I mean this was my first reaction when I opened up and put together my first pair of neon pink (yes—I chose that color!) Lebert Equalizer bars. Well, looking past my overly zealous …
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Want To Look Like Heidi Klum? Get Her Workout Secrets With Andrea Orbeck’s Supermodel Series


I know the guys weren't the only ones ohhhing and ahhhing while watching any Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In fact, some of us FBGs noticed that there was more than just lingerie making its way down that runway—there were girls in great shape (with muscle!). Although some believe that it’s all …
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Shrink Belly Fat With This Denise Austin Workout DVD


The first workout DVD I ever owned was one by Denise Austin. She seems to never fail, and talk about a woman who defies aging. I think it's about time we bottle her up and sell her age-defying solution across the world, what do you think? Well, since we all know magic potions usually don't work, …
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Jillian Michaels’ Killer Abs Workout DVD


Jillian Michaels is back! Killer Abs, which I know we all want---don’t lie---is an awesome abdominal-crunching workout. As most of you probably know from The Biggest Loser, Jillian is one tough cookie. Her tough-love, drill-sergeant attitude has turned many lives right side up. And as she has …
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Getting Ripped With Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core DVD


I have a secret. This is my first Bob Harper DVD—gasp! I can actually envision Jenn’s disbelief rushing across her face. Trust me, it’s not something I’m proud of, but better late than never, right? I was stoked to see his newest DVD come in the mail. As a huge (and I do mean HUGE) fan of the The …
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