SBS: A Frank Discussion About Skinny Bride Syndrome

Be healthy brides! Not hangry! Credit by: love Maegan

Two Sundays ago, I attended my first (and probably only) bridal expo. Yes, it was full of bridezillas...I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for was the INSANE amount of weight-loss booths there. I was even more shocked at the amount of women crowding around those booths. I found a …
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From the Fridge to Your Face: Healthy and Natural Beauty Products


Today's guest post for Fit Bottomed Brides' Week is all about being more beautiful by using what Mother Nature gave you! Read on for how you can get looking beautiful for your big day with tips, recipes and information from Randi Ragan, founder and owner of GreenBliss Eco Spa. Plants are healing …
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Keep the Weight Off After Saying “I Do”

wedding photographer

Take a trip with me to your post-wedding future, would you? You found the perfect dress or the just-right tux. You had the big wedding and the fun reception. You spent time together on your honeymoon in total wedded bliss. And now you’re back at home enjoying the married life. You found your life …
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How to Deal with Your Fiance’s Unhealthy Habits

If you're planning to walk down the aisle soon, you're probably already putting some extra care and attention into eating right and working out. After all, you want to feel and look your best on the big day! But what happens if your fiancé isn't quite so gung-ho about your healthy lifestyle? If …
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Your Bridal Best Fitness Plan


Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. And we all know that crash dieting the week before the wedding won't get you the results you want. Plus, being hungry and stressed will turn any bride into a bridezilla. So what should you do to look and feel your very best on the big day? Life …
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★FitStars: Shedding for the Wedding’s Jennifer Cohen


We couldn't do Fit Bottomed Brides' Week without mentioning one of our favorite new weight-loss reality TV shows: Shedding for the Wedding! The show follows nine overweight couples who compete to see who can lose the most weight and win the wedding of their dreams. And with challenges like dancing …
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