Feline-Friendly Fitness (on a Stick!)

Jared and Trixie

People often ask about what kinds of active, healthy things I do with my dogs --- walking, playing fetch, meditating. But when I mention Trixie, my cat ... well, nobody seems to be curious about how I keep her active. Sure, she probably still sleeps 16 hours a day, but we get in some fun play …
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Is Your Pet Overweight? How to Tell (and Help Him Slim Down)


Today's guest post for Fit Bottomed Pets Week is from Mikkel Becker! Mikkel is a certified trainer specializing in dogs and cats, co-author of five books in the "Ultimate Pet Lover" series, and the resident trainer for Vetstreet.com. In her professional work, Becker uses positive reinforcement and …
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Easy, Homemade Dog Treats: No-Bake Brody Balls


Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is a veterinarian and head honcho at the award-winning petcentric website pawcurious.com, where she posts recipes, pictures of her pets and rants about pseudoscience. When she's not writing, she provides home hospice care for pets with her San Diego practice Paws into Grace. …
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Dog in Teddy Bear Suit Works Out … and Is the Cutest Thing Ever


Dogs are cute. Dogs dressed up as teddy bears are cute. So, a dog dressed up as a Teddy bear that's working out on a treadmill? Well, just stop there right now. WE CANNOT TAKE THE CUTENESS. The dog's name? Munchkin the Teddy Bear. We die! Have a pet video you love that puts a smile on your …
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Too Busy to Walk the Dog? 2 Tips You Need to Read

fitness dog lifting a heavy big dumbbell

Dr. Andy Roark is a practicing veterinarian in Greenville, SC. He's best known for his popular Facebook page and YouTube show, Cone of Shame. Dr. Roark is great about giving awesome advice that's actually manageable for most pet owners --- plus, he's a seriously funny dude --- so we took one of …
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The Healthiest ‘People Food’ for Your Furry Friends


The life of a Fit Bottomed Girl isn’t just about taking care of her own body but also the health and welfare of our beloved four-legged companions (hence, Fit Bottomed Pets Week!). It can be overwhelming to try to dissect all of the pet food advice that exists in the world, so we asked some experts …
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