Raise the ‘Ruff: It’s the Second-Annual Fit Bottomed Pets Week!


Who loves pets? We do! And, from the feedback we got from Fit Bottomed Pets Week last year, you do, too. Which is why the special week of healthy pet posts, reviews and giveaways is back for a second year! For this whole week we're going to highlight healthy and fit products for our furry …
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What Makes Vacation Better? Pets!


When I go on vacation, I miss my dog. She's family and when she's not there, well, things just don't feel totally right. (Although, I'll admit, it's nice to not have a 4:30 a.m. doggie alarm every day.) So when Ryan and I recently went to Paso Robles, Calif., for vacation a few months ago, and there …
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Lucky’s Life Lessons on Patience and Acceptance


Last year was a busy one. I bought my first ever brand new car, got married on the sly and rescued Lucky, a 4-year-old Border Collie-Schipperke mix. Trained, housebroken, walks well on a leash and ... petrified of everyone. She was quite the departure from my last super-social fur baby, but I was …
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The Dog Days of Summer: 8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe on Runs

Credit: Caravanum, Flickr

It's hot out there. In fact, some might call this time of year the "dog days" of summer. Which, we think, really means "take special care of your dog during runs in the summer!" So when Fit Bottomed Mamas ran (Get it "ran?" Ha! We're extra punny today. Again, with punny/funny! We die! We die!) tips …
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My Fitness Spirit Animal: The Cat

catj, spirit animal, pet week

In honor of last week's Fit Bottomed Pets Week, for this rather humorous Question of the Week, we’re answering the question: What’s your fitness spirit animal?  So I had mad stress trying to figure out what animal I was. A friend suggested I should choose a cheetah because I like to run and I …
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Pawsilates: A Workout for You and Your Pet With Andrea Metcalf

Andrea and her best workout buddy.

One dog-and-human workout is great, but two for Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week? Even better, we say! So without further ado, we give you Pawsilates: A Workout for You and Your Pet from healthy lifestyle spokesperson and one of America's top fitness experts (and animal-lover!), Andrea Metcalf! Pawsilates: …
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Friday Fit Bottomed Pets’ Giveaway: Lickety Stik for Dogs and Cats


This Lickety Stik giveaway is a part of our special first-annual Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week coverage! Check out all the fun posts and giveaways here. On Wednesday, FBG Kristen mentioned how much her kitties love the Feline Lickety Stik as a treat. These low-calorie lickable treats are great for …
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My Fitness Spirit Animal: The Giant Panda


In honor of Fit Bottomed Pets Week, for this rather humorous Question of the Week, we're answering the question: What's your fitness spirit animal? Bear with us a moment... I cracked up when I learned our Question of the Week was about fitness spirit animals. Come on, that's just funny in and of …
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Fit Tip Friday: How to Run With Your Dog

FBG Kristen with Rudi and Hollie, who are always ready to run!

For Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week, we've talked a lot about getting active with your pet. And, obviously, running is a fabulous way for both you and your four-legged one to get some exercise. But how much can---and should---your dog run? Is there anything you should do to warm them up? Or make sure that …
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