5 Fall Running Tips for Beginners


If you've longingly been wishing that you were a runner, listen up! Fall --- the gorgeous time of year that is right now --- is a perfect season to let the running bug bite you. Cooler temps, drier weather ... it all adds up to running wonderfulness. But before you lace up those shoes and go out for …
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Get Strong Arms With These 6 Moves


Remember how this past June I went to Colorado for this amazing trip? And ate, drank and hiked with all of these super fun bloggers? Well, one of them was Brooke Griffin, who's better known as "Skinny Mom." About the sweetest person ever, I had a really great time getting to know her --- and …
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We’ve Got the G-Love With These Cute and Fun Weight-Lifting Gloves


Weight-lifting rocks. But many are intimidated to try it. And for those who do, calluses and poor grip can cause probs. And, let's face it, most weight-lifting gloves aren't exactly designed for the ladies. But these cute and fun weight-lifting G-Loves (Get it? Cuteness.) gloves that are made of …
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Get Clean: How to Sanitize Water Bottles, Remove Sweat Stains and More!


We're all about the cleanliness lately, eh? Tish, our resident clean-freak (love her for that!) recently shared how to clean and take care of your workout clothes properly, and Fit Bottomed Mamas just ran the best post on how to do everything from sanitize your water bottles to remove sweat stains …
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Wishing a Very Happy, Happy Three-Year Birthday to Fit Bottomed Mamas!


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Fit Bottomed Mamas! Happy birthday to you! Sorry about the off-key singing (It's the thought that counts, right?), but we just had to share in the celebration: Fit Bottomed Mamas turns three today! That's right, three years ago …
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A Trip to Minneapolis to Visit the ‘Big G’ (and Eat Cereal)


A few weeks ago, the fine people over at General Mills invited me and a few other bloggers to give us (literally) a taste of the city's foodie culture and learn a little bit (or A LOT) about what they do there at what they call "Big G." I was barely there for more than 24 hours, but, man, oh, man …
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Tips to Feel Comfortable in Your First Spin Class

Nervous to go to your first Spin class? Don't be---it's fun. Promise! Credit: bobroche

Have you been thinking about going to your first Spin class but are a little intimidated by the bikes, and the set-up, and the positions and all that jazz? Totally normal! It’s been a long time since I took my first spin class, but I do remember being intimidated by the new sport. If you’re a little …
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