Get Your Bollywood Dance Workout On With Doonya


Although we can't really dance all that well, we really dig a good dance workout. And just in case you're looking for something a little bit different than your typical dance aerobics class or Zumba DVD (We love Zumba, don't get us wrong, but sometimes you just want to shake your groove thang a …
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How Social Media Hurts Girls (and How You Can Help)

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We love social media as much as the next person, but there's no denying that, as great as some of its benefits are, there are some real drawbacks. Specifically, the effect it has on adolescent girls. Research has shown a direct correlation between girls' Facebook habits (specifically, looking at …
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Blending Family & Fitness: Tips from The ‘Ultimate Soccer Mom’ Christie Rampone


Christie Rampone is not your average soccer mom. When she shuttles her two young daughters, Riley and Reece, to soccer games and practices, there are three bags of gear --- one for Riley, one for Reece and one for mom. That's right --- Riley and Reece's mother is the Christie Rampone, captain of …
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Raising an Olympian: P&G and Athletes Say Thank You, Mom!


The following is a post sponsored by P&G. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How many Olympians have you seen in an interview, just after they've done something amazing (and, um, they're Olympians so they're always doing something amazing!), immediately thank one particular person …
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Pregnant? Tips to Keep on Cycling!


When I got pregnant, I knew that exercise during pregnancy was totally healthy. But, still, when I got that first positive test, I was a little reluctant. Should I keep jogging? Could I still do high-impact aerobics? What about core work? From the get-go, there are so many worries a new mom faces! …
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A Workout System for New Moms: The Dia Method


There are a lot of get-your-pre-baby-body-back workouts out there. After all, when your belly expands to crazy proportions, it can be hard to believe you can actually get it back to normal. And it’s hard to fit in a new routine when you've got a newborn or small kids of any age, particularly if …
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5 Fall Running Tips for Beginners


If you've longingly been wishing that you were a runner, listen up! Fall --- the gorgeous time of year that is right now --- is a perfect season to let the running bug bite you. Cooler temps, drier weather ... it all adds up to running wonderfulness. But before you lace up those shoes and go out for …
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Get Strong Arms With These 6 Moves


Remember how this past June I went to Colorado for this amazing trip? And ate, drank and hiked with all of these super fun bloggers? Well, one of them was Brooke Griffin, who's better known as "Skinny Mom." About the sweetest person ever, I had a really great time getting to know her --- and …
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