Trying Brooks Running Gear From Head to Toe, Literally


It's time again for another Brooks Running review (remember, we're a blog ambassador but our reviews are totally objective and our opinion)! Last month we reviewed the PureFlow 2, which we were IN LOVE with, and this month, we're addressing your run from head to toe --- literally! First up, the …
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Kristen Answers: You Might Be an FBG If …


For this Question of the Week, we thought it would be fun if we each completed this statement: "You might be an FBG if..." And so we did --- each putting our own unique spin on what things (funny and serious) might suggest that we're an FBG. I don't know about you all, but I've loved reading …
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5 Fit and Inspiring Pinterest Accounts to Follow


The following is a post sponsored by ViSalus. For our sponsored post policy, click here. Like many of ya'll, we are addicted to Pinterest. From getting a good laugh to being inspired to finding the PERFECT recipe (that you probably didn't know that you needed in your life, but you sooo do), …
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Workout I Did: SUP Yoga and Core


Prior to my recent vacation, I had tried stand up paddleboarding (SUP) once. It was in the Gulf of Mexico during a volleyball tournament. My back was hurting from hitting the ball around the day before, my legs were in ridiculous pain due to my first week doing Insanity, and, well, I'd had a big …
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We’ve Got the G-Love With These Cute and Fun Weight-Lifting Gloves


Weight-lifting rocks. But many are intimidated to try it. And for those who do, calluses and poor grip can cause probs. And, let's face it, most weight-lifting gloves aren't exactly designed for the ladies. But these cute and fun weight-lifting G-Loves (Get it? Cuteness.) gloves that are made of …
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9 Ideas Perfect for Any Fitness Bucket List


You know what's way more fun than worrying about how much you weigh or what size is on the label of your jeans? Uh ... the correct answer is "Just about anything," but another appropriate response is "Staying active so that your body is always prepared for adventure." Because when I think about my …
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