From Erin

The Olympics Moment That Always Makes Me Cry


I love the Olympics for so many reasons. The hard work and dedication of the athletes. The pride in country. The hardships. The comebacks. The heartbreak. And the triumphs that make  it all worth it. I even love the cheesy commercials. And no one does the Olympic commercial better than Visa. They …
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Workout I Did: The Zombie Apocalypse Workout


Who else --- besides Tish and me --- is super pumped for the next installment of The Walking Dead to begin on Sunday? I've been looking forward to it since before my husband and I ravenously devoured the first seasons and caught up to the rest of America in the telling of the zombie apocalypse …
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Resolve Throughout the Year Means Never Starting Over … and Not Depending on Resolutions


I swear, after this post I will be done talking about resolutions. But 'tis the topic of January, so I may as well end on a resolution note, eh? I always use January 1 to start over in a sense. I love a clean slate, and I love to resolve to do better going forward. Whether it's with workouts or …
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9 Things to Know About Group Exercise Classes


To keep your motivational mojo going, we here at FBG thought it would be fun to share the inside scoop on a few of our favorite things --- from workouts to races to healthy eats. So if you've been wanting to try out a new healthy thing but are a bit intimidated or afraid to try it, have no fear, the …
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Workout I Did: Treadmill Hills + Strength


Because I'm a runner now, I've been getting friendly with the treadmill. Running outside is definitely preferred, but 20-degree weather really dampens my running spirits. And because my relationship with running is just blossoming again, I'd really rather not push my luck and do miserably cold …
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